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Having problems with your PC or Laptop?

  • Is your PC or laptop exhibiting sluggish performance?
  • Does your printer or some other peripheral not work any more?
  • Do you use software applications that don't work any more or cause your PC to lock-up?
  • Does your PC or laptop simply not function as well as it used t∑ o?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Pop's Systems can reaninstall your Windows operating system and restore it to a "like new" condition.

But your benefits of a Pop's Systems Windows Reinstall don't stop there.

Old or New - Your PC or Laptop Can Benefit Significantly!

Whether your PC or laptop is older or brand new out of the box, you can benefit from Pop's System's Windows Reinstall.

Why Your PC or Laptop May Need A Fresh Windows Installation

     Windows is installed from scratch using the latest drivers (especially for newer PCs or Laptops, many times the manufacturer supplies a lot of unnecessary "fluff" software, which can cause problems - Pop's Systems only installs the base Windows operating system with the latest drivers for your hardware - in this way, Windows is installed in a clean manner, giving your PC or Laptop maximum reliability and performance.) You can then decide which software applications you wish to install.

In-Depth Explanation

What Exactly is a Windows Reinstall?

    If you own a PC or laptop, chances are that it is running a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. What Pop's Systems will do is reinstall your version of Windows, or if you have another version you wish to have installed, Pop's Systems will install that for you as well. Windows is reinstalled from scratch, meaning that all of your data is wiped off your hard drive, and a fresh copy of Windows is installed using the latest drivers. (Donít worry, you will have already backed up/copied off the data you need before you have Windows reinstalled.) note: drivers are special software that allow various hardware components such as video and sound cards to communicate with the rest of your PC. For this service, Pop's Systems will pick-up and deliver your PC or laptop free of charge.

Why People Love Pop's Systemsí Windows Reinstalls

    People absolutely love Pop's Systemsís Windows reinstalls because they are empowered with the ability to again run their programs and begin operating successfully within minutes. No more problems with poorly installed, damaged or corrupted software.

Overview of the Process

Note: You will need to backup any data that you want to keep from your PC or laptop in advance, as the hard drive is completely erased when Windows is reinstalled.

Free Pickup: Simply call Pop's Systems for an appointment and a Pop's Systems representative will stop by your residence or place of business and pickup your PC or laptop. (Note: For businesses, Pop's Systems can do Windows reinstalls onsite.)

You will need to supply the following components:

Parts needed for a PC: monitor, CPU, mouse and keyboard

Parts needed for a laptop: laptop, power cord, and power supply

Payment is required in advance and received at time of pickup.

Your hard drive will be ďsplitĒ or partitioned so that you have at least a C: and D: drive. You can specify more drive letters if you wish, as long as your PC or laptop has enough hard drive space.

The version of Windows that you wish to have installed will be installed on your PC or laptop.

The latest drivers will be installed for your version of Windows, and your PC or laptop will be verified to be operating successfully.

That image file will also be burned onto a CD-ROM as a backup measure, just in case your hard drive fails in the future.

Free Delivery: A Pop's Systems representative will drop-off your PC or laptop at your residence or place of business at a predetermined date and time. You can then enjoy your freshly installed PC or Laptop and have the peace of mind that should you have a problem in the future, you can automatically re-image your C: drive within minutes.

Just a note regarding future hard drive failures: Most experts will tell you that itís not a matter of if, but when, a hard drive will fail. Hard drives are mechanical devices and have limited life spans. If you ever experience a hard drive failure in the future, the image file on the supplied backup CD-ROM can be used to get your PC or Laptop operational again within a few minutes.

Agreement - Please Read

Pop's Systems accepts your PC or laptop on an ďas isĒ basis. Pop's Systems assumes that your PC or laptop is operational to the degree that the Windows operating system can be installed on it. If your PC or laptop is not operational, and you want Pop's Systems to repair your PC or laptop, there will be additional charges which Pop's Systems will communicate to you prior to any repair work being done. Pop's Systems will not be held responsible for equipment that has physical hardware problems.

LAN Installations

Pop's Systems offers comprehensive LAN installations for your residence or place of business.

  • Pop's Systems can give you an estimate for the cost of installing a LAN for you or your business.
  • Pop's Systems will make recommendations as to what solutions will give you the most performance for your money. Our goal is to provide you with the highest performing hardware and best performing software available that will satisfy your data requirements.
  • Pop's Systems will install your new LAN solution in a turnkey manner, meaning that your administrative overhead will be as low as possible.
  • Pop's Systems can offer you technical support after the installation.

Network Support

If you have an existing network, and need technical support, Pop's Systems is here to help.

Pop's Systems can recommend upgrades to your existing infrastructure, as well as offer technical expertise for your current environment.

Call Pop's Systems today for an initial consultation! 281-312-2682

  • Pop's Systems can analyze your current infrastructure and make recommendations for hardware and/or software improvements to optimize your LAN/WAN
  • Pop's Systems can offer technical expertise for your existing LAN/WAN

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