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About our Turnkey Web Site Services ...

Key Benefits:

  • E-Z Setup
  • No programming
  • No maintenance
  • 1.) E-Z Setup means that you do no need to know any programming or computer language to have a web presence. We will provide you with a variety of "standard" web site formats to choose from, or we can custom create one designed to meet your specifications.

    2.) No programming is required on your part. Our professional web designers do all the work for you. We incorporate the latest techniques at embedding information into your web sites, like keywords that flag web browsers when Internet searches are conducted. Advanced script programming can also be incorporated for special graphics and effects!

    3.) No maintenance of your carefree web site. We provide all necessary bandwidth and disk space and we use only Intel processors in our servers. Our servers are placed directly on a bus of (10) ten T1 lines and have 24/7 hardware support which guarantees 99% up time for your web presence.

What we will do:

We will secure a domain name of your choice (if available) and provide you with some alternatives names. Once the domain name is chosen and the domain name is applied for, approximately 3 business days are required before your website will be available on the World Wide Web. During those three business days we will prepare your website and place it onto our servers. After that, your monthly maintenance fee of only $14.95 (plus applicable taxes) will provide Internet surfers with information about your business, hours of operation and even a convenient map with directions that tell people where you are located. Four (4) times a year [once per quarter] after your website is initially placed we will be happy to incorporate changes at no additional charge. So if your business hours change due to the season, you relocate your business or you just have interesting events that you would like to be incorporated, you do not incur any additional fees to keep your website up-to-date. 

Secure domain name and set static IP address for your website


Generate website with customer approved pages


Monthly website & email maintenance fee


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